Greg Pendlebury is a specialised business writer and trainer. He is the principal of Think-write Consulting, a business he started in 1996.

Greg helps clients think through what they want to say in documents, and then helps them develop structures and craft words to get the message across clearly. He brings together the intent of the organisation and the needs of the user in the information products he develops. He also runs training courses teaching the principles of communicating clearly and writing in plain language.

In response to the problem of reckless writing, Greg designed and implemented a document certification system – PlainLanguagePro. This is a peer based system to prove information products are plainly written with the user in mind.

Greg PendleburyGP photo

B.A.Dip.Ed., B.App.Sc., M.B.A.

Greg started Think-write in 1996 and remains personally involved in all projects.

Greg is a professional communicator specialising in providing user-centred documentation that conveys the story clearly with a minimum of fuss. His motto: Maximum meaning in minimum reading.

His agile mind and broad experience enable Greg to grasp complex ideas and quickly discern the heart of the matter. He is comfortable in the boardroom and on the shop floor, effectively engaging with subject matter experts to crystallise their thinking, develop meaning and craft an effective, persuasive message.

Greg’s passion for the user and their needs, combined with his belief that all business documents must be clearly driven by purpose, results in writing that delivers actionable knowledge – information that people can do something with. His aim in all communication pieces is to influence the attitudes or behaviour of readers through documents that are useful, usable and attractive.

Greg’s ability to communicate is not limited to the written word – he often combines words with simple graphic devices and layout to reveal complex content in a simple way. He has developed innovative approaches to communicating safety systems, taxation reform and human resource initiatives.

Greg has worked across an array of industries, and for both government and business organisations. He has written for a broad range of audiences; from sophisticated readers to those that struggle with the written word. He has also written for a variety of purposes including public consultation documents, policy & procedure manuals, reports and marketing material.

His formal qualifications in mathematics and business administration provide Greg with an understanding of traditional business thinking. Yet he is not straight jacketed by such approaches – he values design as a supreme human endeavour.

Clients value Greg’s ability to:

  • make complex material understandable
  • organise content in a way that readers find useful
  • work alongside experts to document their knowledge
  • write in plain language.

A project list and other profile information is available on LinkedIn