Greg has been a member of Brotherhood Christian Motorcycle Club for nearly 30 years.

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Current ride

Currently riding a Harley Davidson Road King (2010).

road king on mountainThis has a Screamin Eagle Stage 4 kit, but fitted with a SE255 cam rather than SE260 to improve torque at lower revs. Pretty happy with this, apart from top end noise and oil consumption. It’s a joy to be on.

It does run a bit hot, so I’ve fitted a Jagg oil cooler and developed my own head cooling fans. These fans help control engine temperature in slow moving Sydney traffic, especially in summer.

Previous rides

Harley Davidson Electraglide Sport (1990). Loved this bike, but the Road King is an improvement. Did some experimental work with vacuum supercharging by Impulse Engine Technology. Couldn’t get it to work well, but I learnt a lot about valve and ignition timing, and carburettors and air flow.

Dneiper outfit. Great fun but rubbish engine. Cracked the crankcase right down the centre. Half a carburettor fell off during one ride. I eventually fitted a BMW 650 engine – it went heaps better after that.

Triumph Bonneville (1980). A rare model with electric start and breadbox fuel tank. Did lots of miles on this one in my younger days. Yes, it leaked oil and needed a top end rebuild every winter, but I still have a soft spot for a nice Bonny.

Yamaha SR500 (1978?). Good basic bike. I’d ride one again.

Favourite roads

From Sydney; Bells Line of Road, Old Pacific Hwy between Berowra and Mooney (speed limits have ruined the rest)

Oxly Hwy, Omeo Hwy.