Plain language interests

Greg is passionate about plain language. He loves simple, clear writing that has been crafted to both serve the needs of the user (reader) and achieve the intent of the document owner.

Greg has recently become concerned with what he has termed ‘reckless writing’. That is, documents that have been prepared without a considered concern for readers, or a writer failing to apply their mind to consider how a document will be understood. See

In response to the problem of reckless writing, Greg designed and implemented a document certification system – PlainLanguagePro. This is a peer based system to prove information products (documents) are written plainly and with the user in mind.

Greg also manages – a site promoting plain language in all business and government documents.

Consulting work

Greg is principal of Think-write Consulting. Think-write helps organisation write clear and compelling documents of all types.

An overview of selected projects is available at



Greg continues to deliver a suite of writer training courses to staff of the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage at various locations around the state. He delivers:

  • a generic course, Writing well at work
  • a course focused on writing briefing notes and ministerial correspondence
  • a course for people who review written material
  • a course for directors and those that oversee the writing process.

Investigative work

Greg is currently working with Frank Law to investigate more thoroughly the plain language requirements of Financial Services Guides, Product Disclosure Documents and Statements of Advice under the Corporations Act 2001. He is particularly interested in the requirements that information must be worded and presented in a clear, concise and effective manner.